Team 3082: Week One Update

On January 4th, the 2020 FIRST Robotics season
finally began. Our team met from 8:45am-4:00pm to
see the game reveal, strategize, look through the
rules, and plan our Week 1 priorities.

The Game:
This year’s game is FIRST: Infinite Recharge. In the
game, there is a tall structure with 3 large openings
to score. Additionally, there is a color wheel that the
robot must spin in order to score more points. At the
end of the match, there is a period in which the
robots attempt to hang and balance on a “field
generator” to score their final points.

This week:
Our team has begun prototyping the shooter, ball
storage, ball pickup, and climber mechanisms. The
electronics team built a two-tier electronics board.
Additionally, we assembled the practice drive train
for testing mechanisms, programming, and
electronics boards. We have also started our full
robot CAD, beginning with the chassis, as well as
construction of the field elements, which will allow
drivers to practice and test prototypes.

Proudest Accomplishments:
★ A well-developed prototype for a potential
single-wheel ball shooter design.
★ Working kit chassis with a 2-tier electronics
board to have a driving test for driving
applicants as well as a base for other
hardware and software testing.

Southwest Hub Meeting:
At the southwest hub meeting, we met with other
robotics teams from around the area and discussed
the game manual and shared our interpretations of
the rules. We also conversed about each team’s
strategy, robot designs, and week one progress.