Team 3082: Weeks Three and Four Update

Week three placed a big emphasis
on spacing out areas for each of the
robot’s subsystems, so we made a
CAD with the set spacing. Over
these two weeks, we also approved
designs for, sketched and finished
CADs for our shooter, power cell
hopper, and intake.

We mocked up a quick intake
prototype to test spacing and its
ability to pick up power cells over
the bumpers. It worked very well,
and we used this setup to refine
spacing in the intake CAD. We also
completed multiple iterations of our
climber prototype, but our progress
in creating the final climber sketch
has been delayed by mathematical
calculations and debates over
placements. We have, however,
settled on a general climber design
to move forward with.

As predicted, we completed all field
elements we wanted to have built
by the end of week three. On the
robot side, our pneumatic wheels
came, so we were able to add the
chain and wheels to the chassis.
We finished the first iteration of our
official electronics board and have
been working on incorporating
pneumatics into the system, as this
has been a more recent decision.
We drew out our electronics board
layout and can begin assembling it
early in week five on the belly pan.

Even without a running drivetrain,
we completed a basis for the
autonomous code. We also used the
kit chassis assembled previously to
continue work on vision. The robot
can now use the Limelight to line up
with and follow a target with
reflective tape. We also got our new
motors during week four and began
testing them to ensure they will
hold up for us during competitions.

A lot of progress was made on our
Chairman’s essays for submission
near the end of week five (February
6). Like the first time our team
submits for the Chairman’s Award,
it is something our new head coach
has been actively encouraging us to
complete the submission form.

Competition Roles:
We successfully picked our 5 drive
team members during week three
based on the three-step application
process. During week four, we put
out an application form for other
competition roles, such as pit crew
and team mascot. Students for these
roles will be chosen and announced
by the end of week five.

We had a lot of changes to our team
prior to the start of the season,
including a coaching change, so it
has been a journey to figure out a
new system to stay organized and
communicative. We started utilizing
Google Spreadsheets to organize
tasks among each subsystem for the
robot so that students know where
to go next and mentors are on the
same page. This system has been
working well so far and has
encouraged much more progress
among team members so far. We
will continue to adjust and improve
this system as the season
progresses, but we are very proud
at the moment of this new
organizational development.

Proudest Accomplishments:
★ Working robot vision
★ Designs coming together to
create a full, cohesive robot
★ An improved organizational
system to help develop
the efficiency of team actions
and better communication
throughout the remainder
of the season.