Team 3082: Week Five Update

We made spent much of this week learning
about pneumatics and assembling our
robot-ready electronics board. Once the
robot’s belly pan was attached, we were able
to attach it and wire everything up, so we
officially have a driving robot and running
intake. Since this did not take as much time as
we had in meetings this week, we looked into
the getting the sticker machine running so
that we can print our sponsor stickers for the
robot before our first competition. We also
aided in the assembly of some of the robot’s

We are waiting on the mechanical team to
hand us a finished robot so that we can tune
our practice-bot-based programs. We did
some more motor testing and, for kicks,
looked into getting the color sensor working.
Our Chairman’s essays have been completed
and submitted! We also submitted for the
Woodie Flowers Award, for the first time in
our team’s history like Chairman’s.
Additionally, we are working on setting up a
fundraiser to garner more family and friend
involvement beyond our lovely corporate

We have the drive train in working condition
and assembled the intake. Our shooter design
is also complete in CAD. We finished
assembling our hopper and finalized our
handoff from hopper to shooter. Finally, the
belly pan was cut out and added so that we
can attach things more internally in the robot
and the electronics subteam could attach the
electronics board. Although we thought we
finalized our climber design, we found
towards the end of the week that it runs into
the intake in the initial starting configuration.
We are also unsure of how to maintain the
climb five seconds after the match, so we will
be looking into new climber designs during
week 6.

Proudest Accomplishments:
★ Driving robot!
★ Submitting for two awards we never
have before
★ Our electronics team figuring out