Minnetonka Robotics "Chicken Bot Pie" - FRC Team 3082

High school students and experienced professionals brought together by FIRST Robotics in the Twin Cities metro


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The hub is located in the middle of the field. There are two possible areas to score in: the upper hub and the lower hub. Scoring cargo into the upper hub is worth four points during the autonomous period and two points during the teleoperated (or teleop) period. The lower hub is worth two points during autonomous, and one point during teleop. Robots are permitted to score from any part of the game field.
The game field is scattered with both red and blue cargo pieces. Alliances pick up their cargo based on their Alliance color. The points are distributed based on the cargo color. Thus, if a robot scores using the opposing Alliance’s cargo, the point is rewarded to that opposing alliance.

Scoring cargo in counts towards the cargo bonus. Upon scoring cargo in either hub, one point is credited towards reaching the bonus. When 20 (or 18 if five balls were scored in autonomous) cargo are scored in the upper or lower hub, Cargo Bonus is said to be reached, and one ranking point is granted to the alliance.

There are two hangars located in the trenches of each Alliance Station, marked with the alliance color. Each hangar has four bars: low rung, mid rung, high rung, traversal rung. At any point during a match (but typically done when there are ~50 seconds left), robots may go to their respective hangars, extend out, and traverse as many rungs as possible. Robots can start traversing at either the low rung or mid rung due to height restrictions. There are four levels of scoring. The low rung is worth four points. The mid rung is worth six points. The high rung is worth 10 points. The traversal rung is worth 15 points. An alliance with a combined hanging score of 16 is said to have reached the hangar threshold and is awarded one ranking point.

During qualifications, teams are ranked by their Ranking Score, or average ranking points throughout the competition. To ensure a top rank, it is important to optimize the amount of cargo being scored while making time for a high climb.

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