Minnetonka Robotics "Chicken Bot Pie" - FRC Team 3082

High school students and experienced professionals brought together by FIRST Robotics in the Twin Cities metro


Two alliances of three teams compete to score cubes and cones into their grid to charge up their community. They also score additional points if the robots are fully or semi engaged with their charging station. Robots begin the match in their community and can start with one cube or cone. Alliances may also choose which game pieces should be in the middle of the field.

Robots score points by placing cones and cubes on the charging grid. There are different nodes for either cones and cubes, as well as hybrid nodes for both. The charging grid has three different heights: the bottom row, the middle row, and the top row. Scoring on the bottom row is worth 3 points during autonomous period and 2 points during the teleoperated period. Scoring on the middle row is worth 4 points in autonomous and 3 points in teleoperated period. Scoring on the top row is worth 6 points during autonomous period and 5 during teleoperated period. When three game pieces are scored in a horizontal line, it forms a link. Having 5 links yields 1 Ranking Point as a Sustainability Bonus. In addition, the middle of the charging grid is the cooperitition grid. If both alliances place three game pieces in their respective coopertition grid, the Sustainability Bonus can be earned with 4 links instead.

On the boundaries of the community, there is a charge station where robots can dock and balance on. During autonomous, 1 robot can dock to score 8 points. If the charge station is also balanced, or engaged, then that robot scores 12 points. The last 30 seconds of the teleoperated period is called end game. During end game, robots can again dock and engage with the charge station. For each robot docked, the alliance scores 6 points, and if it is also engaged the alliance scores 10 points. An alliance that earns a total of 26 points on the charging station is said to have achieved the Activation Bonus and is awarded 1 Ranking Point.

During qualifications, teams are ranked by their Ranking Score, or average ranking points throughout the competition. To ensure a top rank, it is important to optimize the amount of links on the high row as well as balancing the charging station.

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