Minnetonka Robotics "Chicken Bot Pie" - FRC Team 3082

High school students and experienced professionals brought together by FIRST Robotics in the Twin Cities metro

Our Values


We believe pushing the limits of engineering and thinking outside the box fosters a forward-thinking environment, carrying our team along the path of creativity.


On our team, persistence is a key ingredient to the Chicken Bot Pie and an important factor in achieving success. By showing resilience in the face of uncertainty, we foster a community of hard workers and creative thinkers.


Our team collaborates with each other and trusts in everyone’s ability to contribute to the larger objective. We are able to effectively delegate tasks appropriately and take the necessary leadership to complete them.


As Chicken Bot Pie, we emphasize the growth of our robot designs, team, and individuals. We recognize that we can learn from each other, fostering an inclusive team culture.


On our team, fun is central to everything we do. It is the essential ingredient of the recipe in Chicken Bot Pie

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