2016: Stronghold

For the 2016 FRC competition, we made a defense/breaching robot, Baby Bahr. Our robot was a fully custom chassis that was welded in house. Baby Bahr had a wedge (an arm) to lift the Portcullis.  Our robot could also get over the Rough Terrain, Moat, Rock Wall, and Ramparts alone without other teams. We were able to get over both the Sally Port and the Drawbridge with teamwork from our alliance. One of the things we planned in our design was making the robot small and compact, making it able to fit under the Low Bar.

Without help, we were able to breach:

  • Low Bar
  • Rough Terrain
  • Moat
  • Rock Wall
  • Ramparts
  • Portcullis

With help, we were able to breach:

  • Drawbridge
  • Sally Port

Here are some pictures:

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