2018 Season – FIRST Power Up


With the tournaments of the 2018 season underway, Team 3082: Chicken Bot Pie is now looking forward to competing in Detroit, Michigan.

At the Lake Superior Regional, we ranked 48th and were not selected for a final alliance. At the North Star Regional, we ranked 22nd and were selected by the #1 alliance to compete. Together, we ended up becoming a finalist of the North Star Regional and qualified to compete at the FIRST Championship in Detroit.

2018 Game Animation

If you haven’t seen the 2018 game animation yet, check it out here!

2018 Detroit Championship

Our team is excited to announce that we will be competing in the FIRST Championship in Detroit, MI after qualifying at the North Star Regional. The championship will take place April 25th-28th at the Cobo Center.


Our team, robot, equipment, and website have all been made possible by generous donations from our sponsors:



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