About Us

Ever since its creation in 2009, the Minnetonka Robotics team #3082 has been a participant in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition, also known as the FRC.  Our team is Chicken Bot Pie, from Minnetonka High School.

In the 2016 Stronghold competition, we placed 4th in the Northern Lights regional held in Duluth, MN.  We ended up placing among the top 30 teams in Minnesota from all the regional competitions, letting us move onto the state tournament, the Minnesota State High School League State Championships in Minneapolis, MN.  We ended up placing 29th in state.

In the 2017 Steamworks competition, we placed 13th in the 10,000 Lakes regional held in Minneapolis, MN.  Unluckily, we were not chosen for a top alliance and did not qualify for the Minnesota State High School League State Championships.

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