Minnetonka Robotics "Chicken Bot Pie" - FRC Team 3082

High school students and experienced professionals brought together by FIRST Robotics in the Twin Cities metro


Data About the Students



Responses When Asked the Following Questions

Do you plan on being involved with FIRST after you graduate?Has robotics influenced your future plans?stemcareer-1-e1555532966225.pngcareertype-3-e1555533553365.png

Quotes From Our Students

FIRST in General

  • “I like how inclusive it is, and if you’re planning on going into STEM for your future career it is a great starting point” – Trent B.
  • “Robotics helped me solidify my plans for what I want to do when I graduate high school” – Matthew S.
  • “It has helped me realize what parts of STEM I like and what I’d like to pursue in the future” – Nick C.
  • “It has taught me so much about fully thinking through things; you never know what problems may arise from a new design without imagining every possible weakness. I find the skills I learn in robotics invaluable” – Jeana S.

The Team Itself

  • “Robotics has done so much for me. When I was on a different team as a freshman, it definitely helped boost my confidence during the transition to high school. When I moved to Minnetonka, joining this team helped me make so many wonderful, genuine friends . . . Everyone is so shamelessly supportive, and I absolutely adore my teammates for that” – Jeana S.
  • “Everyone is really friendly, helpful, and ready to teach you how to be better” – Kiefer M.
  • “I like how supportive the leaders are of everyone. I also like how little the mentors do in terms of building the robot” – Matthew S.


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