Team 3082: Week 0 Update

Week 0 Event:
At the practice competition, Week 0, we saw our
robot in a competition setting for the first time. It
gave us the opportunity to put students in real
competition roles. Our pit crew got comfortable
with making quick fixes between matches, and our
drive team took advantage of the drive practice. We
also had students pit scouting to help them grow
more comfortable with talking to other teams, and
students stand scouting to understand what aspects
of scoring and robots themselves, they have to pay
attention to during matches. We left with a new list
of adjustments we need to make before our first
competition, like raising the hopper walls and fixing
the shooter’s belt tension.
We are looking forward to our upcoming
competition in North Dakota, February 27-29. In
the two weeks leading up to it, we hope to complete
all of these adjustments and give the programmers
the time they need with the robot.

Week 0 Competition video