Team 3082: Week Six Update

Pulling it Together:
This week was all about getting prepped for our
Week 0 practice competition on February 16th.
With all parts for the shooter and handoff finally in,
we turned our designs into reality. Our hopper
needed a little more attention after further
evaluation, so we made the necessary adjustments
to that and got everything finished and attached to
the robot. One of the biggest troubles was sorting
out pneumatic leaks, so our electronics team
focused heavily on finding and patching up the
leaks as well as organizing the wires as best as
possible. Our programmers still did not get as much
time with the robot as they were hoping for, as
mechanical endeavors took us through the day
before Week 0. However, we have a team tradition
of staying late the night before Week 0 to make
finishing touches, so programmers had a couple
hours on Saturday night to tune some of their code
to the competition robot.

The Late Night Tradition:
Saturday, February 15th was our school’s
Sweetheart’s Dance. This meant the building was
open until 11:00pm, so we could stay later than
usual work on the robot and tune our code. It is one
of our favorite days in the season because we are
together for over 12 hours together, which leads to
a lot of progress and fun. We even borrowed the
Leonardo DiCaprio cutout for a team picture.